Monday, 28 May 2012

Summer! Summer! Summer!

So summer is finally here and it is blazing hot! I am not complaining though - I have had enough of sweaters and jackets.

Two days after completing my exams I started my running plan (which my house mates thought I would never get to  :P)...and that was when I discovered how unfit I am! 10 minutes into the run and my chest was already about to burst...20 minutes, and I thought I was going to die. Lol...I am not giving up though, I will keep going till I can run a whole hour without any problems.

One of my housemates and I have also started working on our garden (which at the moment looks like a forest). Very soon it is going to look like something at the back of a 5-star hotel. Hehehe....I will post the before and after pictures later (IF our plans work out and we don’t get too lazy and give up). Oh yea....we found a snail. Lol:

Summer has started quite well for me (except for a little illness, which will pass soon) and I hope it gets even better as time goes on. I am definitely not going to allow myself to get depressingly bored like I did last summer. Uh-uh.

Apart from work, I plan to visit Brighton one of these weekends and just enjoy the far the only plans I have got are working, getting fit, improving our garden and beach the summer goes on, I will definitely be up to a couple of new things...

I hope you are all enjoying the sun and that your summer goes as planned!


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