Friday, 18 May 2012

Exams are over! It is time to chill!

Hello there! I am pretty excited and relieved that exams and all forms of pressing academic work are finally over!! Let me tell you about how my examinations went...

As I mentioned earlier, I had two 3hr15mins papers to write - Contract and Criminal Law. I wrote Contract Law first and to my surprise, the paper was not as bad as I was expecting! Well, it is probably because I knew I had problems with Contract Law and so spent a lot of time on it...Criminal Law on the other hand, not so good. I mean, I remembered principles and tried my best to apply them to the facts of the scenarios we were given; however when it came to remembering cases (I cannot stress enough on how essential cases are) to back these principles up, I went a bit blank. I could only remember a few! *sigh* I’m just praying and hoping that at least I did not write rubbish and my work was not too bad...

My birthday came three days before my first paper, and as it was my 21st, a few friends and I decided to have a little celebration, despite the fact that exams were just around the corner, which I really we went out to the O2, had dinner, watched a movie, came back home for a couple of drinks and then it was back to the books. The celebration however has not ended...we will definitely have a proper party in June. Whooohooo!!!

Summer plans have started and I will keep you updated on how much fun I am having, or how bored I am. Hehe. Till then, it is Toodles!!

Good luck to those STILL writing becomes really difficult when you see others relaxed and having fun in the sun; while you are stuck with the heart goes out to you.

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