Thursday, 22 March 2012

My plate is full!

 Yes. There is too much to do this month and I honestly don’t know how I am still breathing. I have had to do so many last minute things recently, which is not something I usually do. It is partly my fault though. I have not planned very well this month and I am bearing the consequences, which is panic and stress. Anyway, I am a survivor (Destiny’s Child voice) so I know I’ll finish everything on time and still have a smile on my face at the end of it all.
In more interesting news, I visited the Harrow College yesterday to help give mock interviews to sixth formers; and I must say it was very interesting! I loved every bit of it and I will definitely do it again, if I am ever given the chance. When going, I thought all I had to do was ask the students questions that are usually asked during interviews, give them tips on how to improve their C.Vs and presentation skills, and most importantly feel like a boss (Lol, just joking!); however, I learnt so much! Most of these students were very confident and knew what they wanted to do with their lives. Some of them told me about some jobs they had done and how some certain equipments work and some IT terms they had learnt. It was a great experience, and that is the ray of sunshine I have got breaking through the dark clouds of coursework this week. J

I do have to continue my work now...hopefully, my next post will be void of the word “coursework”, as I am sure everyone is tired of it by now.


Thursday, 8 March 2012

Forget Y.O.L.O.....YMEP-That’s the Motto ;)

Hi everyone!!! I am in such a good mood today, despite the fact that I have got a lot of piled up work waiting for me and a test to prepare for. Maybe it is because I just attacked some donner kebab after waiting the whole day to eat...mmm....Ah well, whatever it is, I am glad I am in this mood.

I told you some time ago that I would be moving houses and that I would give you an update later. Well, my friends and I have FINALLY moved in!! You cannot imagine the amount of stress and disappointment we had to undergo...but as they say, it gets tough before it gets better...we are settling in quite well and our lives are returning to normal. *whew* J What does the title of this post mean anyway? You may ask....Well, Y.O.L.O (You Only Live Once) is actually the musician, Drake’s new mix tape title and hip hop lovers have been using it a lot these days to justify some things they do..Lol..Like if someone is drinking too much in one night or taking a risk, all they have to say to justify themselves is YOLO....It is being abused though. Hehe.

With YMEP....that’s the name we have given to our house....The YMEP villa...and trust me-you don’t want to know what it means!

 I just realised that I keep telling you I will update you on one thing or the other...and then I forget. I am sorry! About my friend’s 21st birthday, we had a surprise formal dinner for him at Brown’s at West India Quay. It is a very nice place actually, and the food is good. We all got dressed up (guys in their suits and girls in their sexy dresses and heels ;)), had some good food and wine and then went to a club after. It was quite fun! We were actually planning to get an *cough* “exotic dancer” *cough* for him, just to embarrass him; but things did not work out the way we wanted them to....and it was probably for the best. Hehe.
Yesterday, the 6th of March was also my beloved homeland, Ghana’s 55th Independence Day celebration. Whoop whoop! God bless Ghana!

Let us talk about my academic life now...I got my Value Chain Management results and I actually did much better than I thought I would (remember I was so bored with the assignment that I felt it would reflect in my work?)...thank goodness!

I am still struggling with Contract Law, still enjoying Criminal Law and traumatised by the amount of work I have got to do for Project Planning and Management and Information Systems. Lool. Is this life??
I have got to go now and so, until the next post, it’s YOLO!! Live your life to the fullest ‘cos You Only Live Once J