Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Belated Happy Valentines

Lol I am a bit late…but we are still in February so I think it should count a little. I hope everyone had a good day on the 14th…whether you were alone or not.  Luckily or unluckily, I did not have a valentine and so I spent my Thursday doing what I usually do on Thursdays- lectures from 9am till 5pm and then home to indulge in some cupcakes I received from lovely friends, do some coursework and watch a movie.

It was quite funny though, looking at those who had been anticipating the day. All the excited tweets and the jokes about single people (Single people never hear the end of it on Valentines day) and the 24-carat gold plated iPad someone got for her man…oh yes…that was the talk of Twitter the whole week! Lol lucky guy! Anyway, all the fuss was quickly over and the rest of us could breathe! :D

Coming back to reality…I am still anxiously waiting to hear from the two universities I applied to for the LLM course…I did call them; however, I was told that there have been a lot of applications and so I would have to wait a bit more. I am still looking for other universities that may accept combined students…which is quite hard, because most of them want only LLB students on the International Commercial Law course…so take note if you are planning to follow in my footsteps…you may want to consider doing an LLB instead of a combined course, if Law is really what you want to end up with. I have also started looking for jobs relevant to my degree and future…so wish me luck!

Anyway, I have to be off now so its bye for now!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Group work!

Of all the things I find annoying in university, group work is the one that takes the crown. Now I have probably made a prospective employer frown after reading the first sentence; however, there is a reason I say this.

Every year, in my course, we have some form of group work; both in business and law, which adds on to our grades for the year.  Now, I don’t mind working with other people; however, for some reason, I always manage to find myself put in a group of lazy, uninterested students, who leave me to do everything by myself. I try my best to get them involved but even when they do, the work they produce is not even worth submitting. 

I am ranting because I recently completed some complicated group work all by myself and my group members had the audacity to ask me what the results (which were online and which we all had access to) were and to help them with their INDIVIDUAL essays. I was so mad; and of course I said no. * sigh * I really hope in the real world, when I get a job that relates to my degree, I won’t be stuck with such people. Anyway, I know I am not the only one who has had this experience…I’ve got a couple of friends who complain about their groups too. Ah! Such is life, and after ranting, we have got to move on and find other ways to make life better. I hope you out there are not found too often in such groups; and if you are one of those that make group work hard for others, that face down there is for you.

Until my next post! xoxo

Monday, 4 February 2013


Hello once again!

January has gone by really quickly, hasn't it? Wow...I can remember New Years day like it was yesterday. This goes to show that very very soon, it will be May and I will be writing my final exams, ready to graduate! Whoop Whoop!

I am a little scared though, to be honest. It has been three academic years already and my future awaits. I hope I finish it well. Fingers crossed! It has been a good couple of weeks for me so far this year...nothing majorly disappointing has happened and I am surviving in my lessons, though I am finding Company Law a bit tough...I applied to two universities to do the LLM course I talked about in my last post; however, I am yet to hear from them....I am not too sure if I will get in though, as most universities want LLB students for that particular course (I do the BA H Law and Business)...but we will see what happens.

Talking about the weather, it has actually been quite nice this stopped snowing, the sun came out sometimes and it has become a little warmer....but knowing the London weather, it is probably going to change back to negatives at some random time. Lol I don't trust London weather.

Yesterday was quite nice though, I had a long day at uni (I usually do not look forward to Thursdays, because they are my longest uni days); but my friends and I managed to have a good time yesterday. Lectures seemed more interesting than usual and in between lectures, we had a lot of fun having Shisha, eating and doing a "photoshoot". It was good. Hehe. I guess I can try to find ways to make my Thursdays more interesting then! Anyway, I will be off now, as I have some work to complete (I am not even going to complain about the workload anymore) and so until the next post, it's bye!