Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Stressed and dreading winter!

I have been so stressed these past couple of weeks! There has been a lot of work to do, in terms of uni and I am finding it a challenge to wrap my head around some topics; and to top it off, my housemates suddenly want to move out and so I am under pressure to find another place to rent in the next month...just the thing I was trying to avoid-Last minute pressure. So now I’ve got pages open on my laptop advertising places to rent and other pages with assignments waiting for me to do...Sometimes I am not sure if I can keep up with it all. *sigh*
Well, at least I am improving on my time management. Third year is not a joke. Lol!
It is getting cold again (I am DREADING winter!)...the scarves and boots are coming out again; and it has become a struggle to get out of bed for my early Thursday morning lectures and Sunday church...hehe but I have still got that 1st class or 2:1 on my mind.
I have also finally decided on my three choices for my GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) - University of Birmingham, Aston University and Nottingham Law School. I chose institutions outside London because London is just too expensive, compared to other places so I figured I would save a bit of hopefully, I do well this year and get into one of these Universities.
So far, nothing too exciting is happening or has happened; however I am actually looking forward to meeting new people when I move to whichever new place I find...and I will keep you updated on that.
I’m off to decide on whether to write my GDL personal statement first or do my Company Law seminar work.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Third Year

Hi there! I am finally back in uni for my third year (actually, I have been back for about a week now) and I am pumped for this year. I have got a 1st class or at least a 2:1 on my mind and so I’m going to put in everything I have got to achieve this...

This academic year started with a few hiccups for us combined students as it seemed we were left out of a lot of things going on...however, this has been sorted now and hopefully, everything will run smoothly till the end... It has also been great seeing my course mates again after the long summer holidays J. At the moment, I am quite busy with a couple of things apart from my current uni work. I am planning to do my GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) next year (this is for non-law students who want to get a Law degree...since I am doing a combined course of Law and Business, I do not get a full Law degree) and so I have started trying to find some colleges/universities that would best suit me. Also, I have started looking for yet another place to rent (yes, AGAIN)....but this is for February next year when my current rent contract ends...I just decided to start the search early to avoid last minute stress.

Apart from these, nothing really exciting is happening at the moment, as I am trying get everything sorted out in time. Hopefully all my plans will fall through.

I hope all the new and continuing students are settling in well and remember there are always people to help if any difficulties arise.

Till the next post, it is bye for now!