Friday, 22 March 2013


Before entering my third year at Uni, I knew that the workload was going to increase and everything would be more difficult than in my second and first years. However, I was not expecting to get so stressed that I would develop insomnia. The earliest I have slept this whole month has been 5am.

I have had back-to-back pieces of coursework and seminar preparation work to submit, while still having to attend lectures and seminars; and I feel like I have not even had the chance to breathe. I was happy at first that we Law and Business students did not have to do a dissertation; however, after doing all this work, I suspect that I have actually done a dissertation; just that it has been broken down into different pieces of work. Lol.

Anyway, I submitted my final two pieces of coursework for the year today and words cannot describe the relief that has flooded over me! I can now try to correct my sleep pattern, concentrate on my May exams (which sucks because my birthday falls in between two papers >_<) and fix myself (my current state is enough to crack mirrors! True story…haha).

I really admire my course mates who still have jobs at this time of the year. I can imagine how tired they must be feeling right now.

I also want to say Well Done! To my fellow university students who have managed to pull through till now; it is not easy at all…and Good Luck to all those still doing coursework and dissertations…I feel your pain!

I am typing this blog post at 6am by the way, which shows how long I have been up doing work. L

Hehe until my next post…xoxo