Sunday, 25 December 2011


Hahahaha! The picture above is hilarious!!! “I don dey prepare for this day” That’s the Nigerian way of saying “I have been preparing for this day”. Hahaha...this turkey is definitely not one to be messed with!
Soo its Christmas!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! May you have a day full of fun and good memories and may the New Year bring you success and joy (and more energy for coursework and exams -__- ) Lol!

Yesterday, Christmas Eve was spent with a group of friends...we went out to see a movie-we were supposed to watch Mission Impossible; but we the girls managed to convince the guys to let us watch Puss in Boots...heheh...*singing Strength of a woman in Shaggy’s voice* The movie was pretty funny...after that, some of us went for a rave and the rest of us went home. I personally did not feel like getting dressed up in heels and all bed, duvet and half finished Toblerone looked more appealing and so that’s where I spent the rest of my evening.

Today, we are meeting up again for a big meal, drinks and dancing. I don’t want to say it is a party because we are not making it a big deal by dressing up and inviting loads of people but it more or less is...a small one at least. The burden of cooking is on one Gulp. This is some serious pressure.... I’m not a bad cook but I have never cooked for more than two people before so I’m a bit worried... just hope my cooking doesn’t flop today of all days. Lol

I really do miss being back in Ghana though; because going to Church there is so fun, especially on Christmas day...there’s so much up beat music and drumming and most people are not shy to show off their dance moves......I find Church here a bit dull in comparison, to be honest-no offence! =)
Anyway, unless it is by choice, I hope no one is alone during this festive season...if you are I’m sending you a big warm hug!!

Have fun, people!! Peace be unto y’all!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Time to start planning!

Hi there! Sooo, uni is finally over for this year, all coursework have been submitted (whew!) and it is time to start getting ready for Christmas. You can’t avoid it-that is what everyone is talking about! Cards and presents are already being exchanged and all that...hehe.

Unfortunately for me, most of my friends have gone, or are going back to their countries to celebrate Christmas (bummerL) ....but no worries! I still have a handful of people around and one of my brother’s in America will be coming over to spend Christmas with my other brother and me; so I’m sure we will still have a GOOD time without the others. :P

Talking about plans, I honestly don’t have any specific ones...I guess I’m just waiting for the others to finish exams and all that and then we will probably go with the flow...whatever happens, happens... :D

In more exciting news, Sherlock Holmes –A Game of Shadows is out today and a friend and I will be watching it tonight....I am so excited about it because I love the plot of Sherlock Holmes and I’m a fan of Robert Downey Jnr. as well. Will let you know how that goes. ;) Also, Misha B didn’t win the X-Factor!! O.O!! :’( I was rooting for her this whole time... *sigh* oh well!! At least it wasn’t that man (who I shall not mention, lest I get attacks on here)..looool

It’s getting colder and colder, as is expected and I have now come to terms with the fact that there’s nothing I can do about it...I’m not even going to think about the weather. I’m just going to enjoy the holidays as much as I can and I hope you do too! Later!!


Friday, 2 December 2011


Hello everyone!!
Soooo......I’m an auntie!!! Whoop whoop!! Got this exciting news recently and decided to share it...although I’ve got about nine other nephews and nieces (due to my rather numerous older brothers and sisters) a new life brought into this world is something to celebrate. So let’s!
  ....Just that I’ve got Soooo muchhh work to doooo!! Oh. My. Goodness. O.O
It’s just coursework after coursework and assignments after assignments.....not to talk of trying to get my head around each topic BEFORE doing the coursework.  As we draw closer to the end of the year, this is to be expected; especially since I am in my second year...but I find myself feeling excessively tired by the end of each week....I’ve had a few periods of illness as well-so that didn’t really help. Thank you Mr and Ms Lecturers; I know it is all for the greater good. J
Anyway, on a much brighter note; being the serious student that I am, (hehe)...
 ...I intend to finish my work on time so I can start planning for CHRISTMAS and the numerous birthdays coming up, without feeling guilty!! Whoop! Whoop! The lights are already up on the streets and I’ll be in the Christmas mood soon...That’s something to look forward to. :D  
Well, I hope you are all also looking forward to the holidays and doing what you can to ensure a stress-free, fun-filled one; that is, doing your work on time....and with that, I’m off to go discuss diminished responsibility and criminal liabilities.