Monday, 28 May 2012

Summer! Summer! Summer!

So summer is finally here and it is blazing hot! I am not complaining though - I have had enough of sweaters and jackets.

Two days after completing my exams I started my running plan (which my house mates thought I would never get to  :P)...and that was when I discovered how unfit I am! 10 minutes into the run and my chest was already about to burst...20 minutes, and I thought I was going to die. Lol...I am not giving up though, I will keep going till I can run a whole hour without any problems.

One of my housemates and I have also started working on our garden (which at the moment looks like a forest). Very soon it is going to look like something at the back of a 5-star hotel. Hehehe....I will post the before and after pictures later (IF our plans work out and we don’t get too lazy and give up). Oh yea....we found a snail. Lol:

Summer has started quite well for me (except for a little illness, which will pass soon) and I hope it gets even better as time goes on. I am definitely not going to allow myself to get depressingly bored like I did last summer. Uh-uh.

Apart from work, I plan to visit Brighton one of these weekends and just enjoy the far the only plans I have got are working, getting fit, improving our garden and beach the summer goes on, I will definitely be up to a couple of new things...

I hope you are all enjoying the sun and that your summer goes as planned!


Friday, 18 May 2012

Exams are over! It is time to chill!

Hello there! I am pretty excited and relieved that exams and all forms of pressing academic work are finally over!! Let me tell you about how my examinations went...

As I mentioned earlier, I had two 3hr15mins papers to write - Contract and Criminal Law. I wrote Contract Law first and to my surprise, the paper was not as bad as I was expecting! Well, it is probably because I knew I had problems with Contract Law and so spent a lot of time on it...Criminal Law on the other hand, not so good. I mean, I remembered principles and tried my best to apply them to the facts of the scenarios we were given; however when it came to remembering cases (I cannot stress enough on how essential cases are) to back these principles up, I went a bit blank. I could only remember a few! *sigh* I’m just praying and hoping that at least I did not write rubbish and my work was not too bad...

My birthday came three days before my first paper, and as it was my 21st, a few friends and I decided to have a little celebration, despite the fact that exams were just around the corner, which I really we went out to the O2, had dinner, watched a movie, came back home for a couple of drinks and then it was back to the books. The celebration however has not ended...we will definitely have a proper party in June. Whooohooo!!!

Summer plans have started and I will keep you updated on how much fun I am having, or how bored I am. Hehe. Till then, it is Toodles!!

Good luck to those STILL writing becomes really difficult when you see others relaxed and having fun in the sun; while you are stuck with the heart goes out to you.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


It is ironic how we, well a lot of students, complain about boredom during holidays, when we have got very little or no academic work and then when we have to study, there are suddenly a hundred and one interesting things to do!

Exams are fast approaching and everyone is caught up in some work. I have got two papers to write in May-Contract and Criminal Law; and I feel slightly worried-especially about Contract Law...I am trying my best to cover as much as possible and understand the concepts and hopefully I will be fine with the exams.

The weather is not helping at all! The clouds and rain just make me want to sleep all day long, or just cuddle up in bed, watching movies. I think my ability to focus is being put to the test...

Apart from the exams, my housemate and I have both got our 21st birthdays in May as well!! I would have given a little “whoop” but its exams period so no one is really going to have time for birthdays L ....we are thinking of celebrating it together in June though, when everyone is done with exams and in a good I will let you know how that goes.

Well, I have got to go now; Criminal Damage is calling my name (that is one of the topics I am studying for the exams) and so until the next post, its byee and GOOD LUCK to those writing exams and to those who still have coursework to do!