Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Group work!

Of all the things I find annoying in university, group work is the one that takes the crown. Now I have probably made a prospective employer frown after reading the first sentence; however, there is a reason I say this.

Every year, in my course, we have some form of group work; both in business and law, which adds on to our grades for the year.  Now, I don’t mind working with other people; however, for some reason, I always manage to find myself put in a group of lazy, uninterested students, who leave me to do everything by myself. I try my best to get them involved but even when they do, the work they produce is not even worth submitting. 

I am ranting because I recently completed some complicated group work all by myself and my group members had the audacity to ask me what the results (which were online and which we all had access to) were and to help them with their INDIVIDUAL essays. I was so mad; and of course I said no. * sigh * I really hope in the real world, when I get a job that relates to my degree, I won’t be stuck with such people. Anyway, I know I am not the only one who has had this experience…I’ve got a couple of friends who complain about their groups too. Ah! Such is life, and after ranting, we have got to move on and find other ways to make life better. I hope you out there are not found too often in such groups; and if you are one of those that make group work hard for others, that face down there is for you.

Until my next post! xoxo

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