Monday, 4 February 2013


Hello once again!

January has gone by really quickly, hasn't it? Wow...I can remember New Years day like it was yesterday. This goes to show that very very soon, it will be May and I will be writing my final exams, ready to graduate! Whoop Whoop!

I am a little scared though, to be honest. It has been three academic years already and my future awaits. I hope I finish it well. Fingers crossed! It has been a good couple of weeks for me so far this year...nothing majorly disappointing has happened and I am surviving in my lessons, though I am finding Company Law a bit tough...I applied to two universities to do the LLM course I talked about in my last post; however, I am yet to hear from them....I am not too sure if I will get in though, as most universities want LLB students for that particular course (I do the BA H Law and Business)...but we will see what happens.

Talking about the weather, it has actually been quite nice this stopped snowing, the sun came out sometimes and it has become a little warmer....but knowing the London weather, it is probably going to change back to negatives at some random time. Lol I don't trust London weather.

Yesterday was quite nice though, I had a long day at uni (I usually do not look forward to Thursdays, because they are my longest uni days); but my friends and I managed to have a good time yesterday. Lectures seemed more interesting than usual and in between lectures, we had a lot of fun having Shisha, eating and doing a "photoshoot". It was good. Hehe. I guess I can try to find ways to make my Thursdays more interesting then! Anyway, I will be off now, as I have some work to complete (I am not even going to complain about the workload anymore) and so until the next post, it's bye!


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