Friday, 18 January 2013


Hello everyone! Okay before I go into the reason for the title, I want to wish everyone a late HAPPY NEW YEAR! Whoop! Whoop!! Entering the new year was pretty cool for me...I went to London Bridge to see the fireworks with a friend. It was not a very good spot for the fireworks but that (and the strawberries and chocolate I had) beat staying at home while everyone else was out. Here’s a picture of us and the little fireworks we saw :D

And here’s a better picture of the fireworks I got from a friend who was in a better place. Nice!

Anyway....after all the new year’s excitement was over, I started thinking about life after my undergraduate degree. The plan was to do a short course of interior decoration during the summer and then the GDL in September (Oh I have got another conditional offer :D hehe). 

However, I am suddenly not sure if I want to do the GDL anymore. I know I want to end up being a solicitor...Law is what I want to do...but after getting my BA H in Law and Business degree and doing the GDL, I do not get a Law degree. The GDL only allows me to do the Legal Practise Course...and I want a Law degree. So I have been advised to do some research into an LLM course, which I am currently doing...we will see where that goes. 

I am not scratching the GDL off my list though...I am just looking at other options. Wish me luck!!

Well, so far, 2013 has been quite good to me. We have been back in uni for a week and I survived hehe...everything has been smooth so far. Wishing everyone else luck in whatever decisions you are taking, especially the final years who are thinking about next steps!

Until the next post, its bye.

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