Monday, 17 December 2012

There is a piece of good news in my inbox!

Sooo....I have got my first offer of a place for my Graduate Diploma in Law course!!
Whoop! Whoop!! It is a conditional offer, of course, but it is still good news and I am pretty
excited about it! I got it from Aston university, which is in Birmingham...I am still waiting to
hear from the others though. Fingers crossed! In the meantime, I have to be working
towards getting my degree, or else all this will just be a waste...which is a no-no,
considering the time I have spent in uni and all the money that has been paid-especially as
an international student.

Having said that, *clears throat*. I am going to Winter Wonderland this Sunday. Lool...I feel
really guilty because I have essays to submit; but it is one of my closest friend’s birthday
and that is all she is asking of I have always wanted to go to Winter Wonderland.
As such, I will be working extra time to get most of the work completed, so that I only feel
half guilty. :D Hehe.

Most of my friends have left or are leaving to Ghana for Christmas again, which makes me
really jealous, as I haven’t been back there since I entered uni in 2010. I have high hopes
that I will be there next year though-I miss the food and heat. I do have a couple of friends
staying behind and we plan to not stay indoors and have a boring Christmas, just because
it is cold far, I have a Christmas ball (what to wear?!) on the day I submit my
last coursework for the semester and dinner with friends on another day. I will also be with
my big brother and his family in Birmingham on Christmas day...and then off to Essex to
see my cousins for a couple of days. It should be fun.

Hope everyone gets to finish all their work on time so that we can all have a lovely

Until my next post...

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