Monday, 3 December 2012

Hello December!

It is December!! That means Christmas is near and the end of semester is fast
approaching. Whoohoo!! That also means that there are a thousand and one deadlines
waiting for me before I go on Christmas break. :(

I honestly cannot wait for this semester to be over so that I can catch a little break. It is like
the more I do my work, the more it piles up; and the fact that I am always sleepy does not
help matters. I am confident, though, that I will survive. *In dramatic movie voice*

Anyway, after all the stress last month, I finally found a place which is much better suited
to my needs and I have moved. It is about a 20 minutes bus journey to uni, which is good
and I only have to share the apartment with one person. This means less drama and less
noise-and this is exactly what I need at this point in my life. I also completed my personal
statement and application for the Graduate Diploma in Law and I have contacted my
referee; so that has been sorted. The only thing I am left to do is finish my coursework and
plan for Christmas; because I intend to have fun this Christmas. *dancing*

Oh...guess what happened to me last week! I dislocated my knee. It was so random! I was
sitting crossed legged on my bed eating some crisps when my knee cap just popped out
and I had to push it back. *shudder* I have been traumatised since then; but I have been
putting off a GP’s appointment till now...I really should go and see my GP...anyway, the
pain has greatly reduced now and I am not limping anymore, so I guess I am fine.Lol.

Wishing all those who have exams this month the best of luck and to the rest of us who
have coursework, keep going hard! It will all be over (and worth it) soon!

Byeee for now!!

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