Thursday, 1 November 2012

Reading Week

It is such a relief that I have got reading week this week! The work was piling up too quickly and I was not too sure if I could keep up.  * wipes sweat *

So this week is meant for catching up on readings, seminar preparation work and starting assessments; and any wise person would make good use of it. I am currently out of London (at an unknown location :p) and I am loving it.  I have some peace and quiet away from friends and all the hustle and bustle of London to concentrate on what I have to do…and I am also enjoying the change in environment.

Halloween is here and unfortunately I have not made any plans to celebrate it; however, from what I have been seeing around, it looks like people are not taking it easy at all and are really enjoying themselves!! I am jealous!! Lol. Here is a picture from last year’s Halloween with friends though. It is a bit weird that the date is in the future…Oh; and that is me on the far left. I honestly do not know what I was supposed to be…I guess I was some kind of female monster…lol


Anyway, I have been thinking a lot about what I will be doing with my life after uni next year (apart from the GDL) and I think I would like to divert a little bit and do a couple of things that I have had an interest in over a long period of time…such as interior decoration. I know this is so different from Law and a lot of people have been questioning me about it; but I would like to do something totally different (and well, a bit more interesting) on the side. I am not giving up on Law though! I am just trying to add a little variety to my life. Hehe…so we will see how that goes.
I hope everyone else is having a fun-filled and scary Halloween! Looking forward to seeing the pics!


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