Wednesday, 18 July 2012

How Not to Date

Imagine my disappointment when after three weeks of talking to a guy, we arranged a dinner date and his idea of a meal was KFC.

I mean KFC!! *Covers face* I do not have anything against KFC-don’t get me wrong…In fact I love KFC. However, taking a girl you have never met but claim to like, that is a definite no-no.

It all started when my very good friend decided to introduce me to this guy, let us call him D. D and I got along quite well over the phone, so we agreed to meet up. The thing is, D decided to call it a DATE. D made me choose what we would do, what time to meet and where to meet-he left all the work for me.

…So I told him to meet me in Marble Arch, with the hopes of going to a nice Lebanese restaurant there. I got dressed up in a smart-casual outfit, made sure my makeup was on point and went out to meet him. I looked good! ; )

15 minutes later than agreed, D finally showed up in a pair of scruffy jeans and hooded sweater, not looking at all like anyone who was supposed to be on a date. I, being a tolerant and patient person decided not to dwell on his lateness and dressing and went on with the “date”.

I started walking towards the Lebanese restaurant, when D suddenly turned and entered KFC….without even asking me where or what I wanted to eat! o_0

So here’s me, all dressed up for a date…in KFC. I did not eat. I just lost all appetite. What ever happened to first impressions?!

Anyway after dinner, we went to see a movie. Well, he saw the movie while I spent half the time trying to get his hands off my thighs or around my shoulders…*shudder*… Now I’m no prude, and I know how guys think, BUT come on, what dude thinks I’m going to allow him to get intimate after being treated to a KFC???? Needless to say, he did get an elbow in the ribs as a deterrent. Well he actually got a few elbows before the ‘’date’’ ended!

Morale of the story … guys if you claim to really like a lady, make an effort and treat her like a lady!

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