Friday, 27 January 2012

Let’s move!

In the almost two years I have been here, I have moved houses about ten times (OK.  I’m exaggerating. Lol); but I have moved around quite a number of times, and every time I learn something new; and so I have decided to share what I know.

In the beginning it seems like finding a nice place to stay and moving is not much of a big deal....But IT IS! It can be extremely stressful and draining especially if you are not really sure of anything that is happening.
As a student, your budget is most likely going to be tight; and so if you want to rent a private accommodation, you would like to be able to fit your rent into that budget and still enjoy the house...and so here are a few tips. J

Be certain of the amount of money you want to pay each month, including bills. You do not want to agree to pay a certain amount and later realise you have to pay electric, water, gas, transportation fees, food, clothes and the occasional (or many) nights out (and by then your funds are very low or zero o_0!! ). Students get exemption from council tax, by the way (find out more here: )

  • Share! Share! Share! Find people you get along with and share a house/flat. This reduces the amount of money you would have to pay monthly; and I have realised that the more rooms in a house, the less the rent is for each person. So it may be a good idea to become more sociable J
  • There are quite a lot of websites you can find properties on (zoopla, student.spareroom, findaproperty, etc. Google is also a very powerful toolJ). You can also walk into one of the many agencies in your town centre-but mind you! Although finding a place with agents is much easier, they charge administration fees and many other little fees...and so, if you would rather not incur extra costs you should try to deal directly with landlords.
  • Be ready to make a lot of bookings, phone calls and bus/train trips.
  • Keep your rent in mind when you are out chilling/shopping-we want to leave a good impression by paying on time, don’t we? J
  • Remember to change your address at your bank, uni and other important institutions.
O.K  so these are the few tips I have got for you...there are a lot more things you may need to know; but I think you should be fine with these basic pointers.

Time for feeling like a property agent is over. other news, I cannot wait to complete university!!! I have got one more year to go; and honestly, I feel like it is not coming fast enough...all I want is sleep!! Is that too much to ask? L Lol! I’m also hoping it doesn’t snow...If I’m falling down on dry pavements; imagine what is going to happen to me if it snows x__x Hehe...

Anyway, as usual I have got some form of assignment to complete and so I shall end here. Take care and happy house hunting (if that’s what you are doing.)!


Dani J

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