Wednesday, 18 January 2012

We All Fall Down

I fell down today. HARD. On the road. In front of everyone.

Embarrassed? Yes...and let’s not even talk about the pain on my behind and wrists. It was quite funny though, because the road (sidewalk actually) was completely dry-no snow (obviously), no water, no stump, no leaf; so everyone just had that “how did that happen?” look. An old lady who could not even walk herself stopped and asked me if I was okay-after she had finished laughing at me...I may have to do something about my boots...

Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone!! I’m a bit late; but we are still in the new month so I guess it still counts, right? Christmas was fine; it was pretty calm and quiet; but I had a bit of fun here and there. I met up with an old friend who was on holiday from America. She’s a model now...heheh...Nice!!!

Most of my free time was spent on doing Value Chain Management coursework though. L I found it soooo boring and frustrating because it was 4000 words, first of all, and secondly, I was not interested in how companies manage their supply chain, when I could be out having Christmas parties. Oh well! I managed to finish just on time and I hope my boredom didn’t reflect too much on my

I just remembered I did not tell you how Sherlock Holmes went. It was great! Better than the last one-and the last one was really good. I knew Robert Downey Jnr. could never disappoint! I also got to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo-it is a really good one too, so if you have not watched these two movies, I suggest you do. J

In other news, we are back in uni uni uni! Back to presentations, essays, assignments and class discussions. It is good to see my classmates though; and I feel a lot more energised for this semester’s work than last semester. Let us hope this lasts!

I may be moving to a new apartment very soon, which I am quite excited about; and I will keep you posted about that in a couple of weeks.

Until then, its au revoir!


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