Friday, 17 February 2012

Half and Half

Hello people! This month has been one of those ones that I wish could hurry up and pass by; there have been so many stress filled times and disappointments that it is even hard to believe. There have been some good moments though, like getting surprise cupcakes and chocolates from my friends on Valentines Day (aww I am loved! lol) and going ice skating at the Canary Wharf Ice Rink (I am doing quite well-I only fell about five times).

I hardly have time these days though, having to deal with housing issues and coursework. Oh coursework, coursework, coursework... *sigh*. I am not the only one feeling the strain from the workload though-everyone is complaining. I find that a bit comforting because I know I am not alone in this. Lol. I need some serious motivation right now because all I want to do these days is sleep and not bother about school work-and that is not a good sign.

It is one of my close friend’s 21st birthday and we are planning a surprise for him....I probably shouldn’t say too much on here in case he reads it; but it will be this weekend and I am looking forward to it-I do need to release some stress. Releasing stress will however come with its consequences, like not finishing coursework on time; so I am being wise and completing at least 80% of my work today-just to be safe....I will let you know what happens this weekend. J

Talk to you soon!

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