Monday, 10 June 2013

C’est Bien Fini!

Hello lovely people! We are in the month of June; it is summer, it is sunny….and I have finished all my exams!! I wrote my last paper on the 30th of May and I cannot explain how relieved I am right now.

I wrote three papers; one in Business (which I got a first in :D) and two in Law (I am yet to receive the results; and I do not feel very confident about them. >_<)…the law papers were quite tough for me…I had moments of blankness during the exams which were quite scary; but I managed to finish and I know I tried my best.

Anyway, after our examinations, my friends and I decided to go have a little fun in town; and so the next day, we went out for dinner and then to Funky Buddha in Mayfair. It was a very interesting night and we really enjoyed ourselves.

I also turned 22 on the 14th of May and had a little dinner with friends that weekend:

It has been fun so far. I still plan on having some more fun this summer (I have still got my trip in mind); however, I have also started my job search. I went for a Career Boost workshop last week, which was very helpful. I had my CV checked by a professional, who gave me some valuable advice and also went for a talk about work visas for international students. I would advise international students who are planning to work after graduation to talk to the international office about it, as there are some very important rules to follow and checklists to complete. I also decided not to limit myself only to the legal field, as that is looking quite complicated for me at the moment. I am considering HR as well, and I hope to start at an administrative position and work my way up. Wish me luck!

On top of that, I have finally gathered the courage to do my driving test. I have not booked a test date yet, as I want to be very sure of everything I have learnt before I do so; but it will be soon…I hope I pass!

Anyway, I know there are some people who are still writing exams; and so I would like to say Good Luck and it will be over soon! I am off to eat ice cream and watch Game of Thrones; and so until the next post, its bye!


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