Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a restful Easter break! I am! I have been able to catch up on sleep, although I am still struggling to fall asleep at night…I am just happy at least I can use the daytime to sleep. I am considering seeing my GP about this…I do not really want to, because I am worried I will be put on pills. Hmm… :/

Oh! I have some good news I forgot to tell you in my earlier posts…I got offers for the Masters in International Commercial Law from both Aston University and Surrey!! I was really happy; however, after some considerations, I have decided to defer the offers and work for at least a year and make some money of my own…so that is the plan now. I really want to work as a paralegal-this position usually does not require previous paralegal experience, however, all the companies I have been looking at seem to have picked up a trend of only accepting people with at least 2 years experience…Now how am I going to get experience as a paralegal, if they only want experienced people? Any tips on anything I can do to improve my prospects will be appreciated, people…HELP!

Okay, I shall now tell you about my not so great, great day. My friend, Mel and I decided to give ourselves a treat and go to the spa…so not being millionaires, we decided to go the less expensive way and buy vouchers online. We got the vouchers, went for the spa appointment and had the nicest hot-stone and deep tissue massages. AFTER we had got the massages, the receptionist asked to take our vouchers...5 minutes later, we were sitting with the manager of the spa and she was telling us that the vouchers were not valid for that particular spa but for another one….and that we had to pay the full £95.

LOL. She was joking, right? No…and she could give us no tangible reason why our appointment was confirmed using our voucher reference numbers when we called to book, and why the vouchers were not checked BEFORE we went in for the massages….so to avoid embarrassment, we paid up, meaning we had paid a total of £140 each for something which was originally supposed to be £45. (Thinking about it, I should have asked her what she would have done if we told her that we had no money because we were relying on the vouchers, which THEY had confirmed over the phone).
Well, of course this did not sit well with us, so when we got back home, I did some research and I have sent a very long, detailed email to request a refund…hopefully, I get a reply with some sensible news, or else I plan to flood their inbox with emails (suggestions are also being accepted at this point).

Anyway, the rest of the day went quite well…we had some Nandos after…I love Nandos (everyone must love Nandos :D ) and then we went to church in the evening…because it’s Easter time!

I will end this post now…so until the next post, HAPPY EASTER!! HAPPY EGG HUNT!! And enjoy whatever you have planned. :D


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