Thursday, 6 September 2012

Almost time to start!

Hello there! We are finally in September and guess what that means? The new university year begins!!

It is pretty exciting especially for new students coming from college, who do not really know what to expect (or who may have great expectations) and that is a good attitude to keep because with that, you are sure to be more involved with your lectures/seminars and other things happening around the university. For me, I am a little bit frightened. THIRD YEAR! I am finally here and the fact that I will be graduating (Amen) in a few more months scares me, because the pressure of succeeding will be greatly increased. Dum-Dum-Dummm…

For the new students, here are a few things you need to know:

  • There are two parts to registration; Part one is done online and Part two is done in the university’s student centre. You need to complete Part one of registration before you can move on to Part two.
  • If you are looking to stay on campus, you should have applied for accommodation by now or in the process of applying. If not, you can contact the Accommodation offices on 02083319664 (Avery Hill), 02083319063 (Medway) and on 02083318884 (Greenwich) to find out if there are still spaces and which steps to take next.
  • Make sure you attend all meetings during induction and introductory lectures (especially international students), as a lot of vital information is given during those times.
  • We have got bookshops on all our campuses which have the recommended textbooks available for your course…if not there’s amazon and ebay ;)
  • Feel free to take part in Fresher’s week and the parties and events that will be held, as that is one of the easiest ways to make friends.
  • Be ready to go broke every now and then, but with good planning and our Jobshop, it should not be too bad. ;)
  • Finally, do not be frightened/panicked about coming to university. There are more than enough people around who are willing to help you have a wonderful university experience J

…And for those still looking to come into university this year, it is a bit late BUT we are still taking applications for some courses. Try to call us as soon as possible on 02083319000 to find out if you can still get a place for this year.

Good Luck everyone!

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