Monday, 14 November 2011

The Nose Knows...

 This title has to do with only about one percent of this post. I just had to make a comment. First of all, I hate my sensitive nose....I was going to uni today, and as usual, went on the soon as I sat down, this horrible smell hit me SMACK! Right in the face. I thought there was something wrong where I was sitting but I could still smell it after I moved.....I had a two-minute heart attack, thinking something must have gone terribly wrong with my shower gel/lotion/perfume....but after (discretely) smelling myself and seeing someone giving me a knowing smile, I felt safe wasn't me (in Shaggy’s voice). There was something in the a way to start my day....

Aaaannnyyywwaaayyyy, uni has been fine since the last post; I’m just having a little trouble getting my head around one topic in Contract Law....that means extra studying for me...I wish we had coursework every week (I know I’m getting hateful looks now) loool but they do help me grasp a concept I don’t understand...also, I saw this somewhere and I found it very relevant to my life as a student and so I thought I should share it: 

Oh Criminal Law lecturer recommended this new series; “The Jury”....I watched it, and was immediately addicted,....It’s really good so if you are also interested in Law, you should check it out......Well, with that said, I do have to go and get some work done and so I will catch you all later! J (P.S Misha B or Marcus must win the X-Factor!) Ok.Bye.

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