Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Of course, I had to make it to second year! I put in so much effort last year...it is such a relief that my efforts paid off. ...so I have been in my second year for almost two weeks now and I am already loving it. I know it comes with more work; and I will need to put in even more effort this year, since this year counts towards my final degree; but I like the challenge and the fact that I no longer have to sit at home, watching paint dry (yes; my summer was quite boring).
Anyway, in these two weeks, I have already been bombarded with cases to read and use in assignments and debates and sometimes, between lectures, my friends and I feel so numb that we think we are going to fall asleep right in the middle of one of the walkways.
It is not all work and tiredness (a little bit of laziness too-I am still trying to come out of the holiday mood. Lool) though, in between lectures, my friends and I go and hang out at a restaurant or the student centre, play snooker (I’m yet to learn that) and have a nice, hot heavy meal and drinks. It’s pretty relaxing. Oh!  And did I mention that I got a job with the university!! Whoooohooooo!!!!
Hahaha! So I have work on Friday and then I’m off to Birmingham for the weekend for birthday celebrations of one of my close friends.  Its been a pretty good two weeks so far and I hope it stays that way. Well, I’m off to add some final touches to a two-minute debate I have been preparing for  and so its bye for now!

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